Poems from a Universe in Reverse

With reverence, humor, and a singular voice, poet Matthew Galbraith moves through several disparate rooms of his imagination, beginning with a group of reveries ripe with surrealistic shapes and hues. He then moves into a spiritual space with a set of uniquely conceived meditations inspired by a lifetime of faith. From there, he visits both the comic and tragic sides of human folly, then decends to the vault of the sinister realm of worldly power and politics. The mood leaps to the lighthearted Fun With Physics collection and ends in a colorful diary of vaguely autobiographical verses.

As a man deeply fascinated with all things earthly and otherworldly for nearly seven decades, Galbraith offers a seasoned, global perspective poured forth in a waterfall of sensual sound, alluring rhythms, and vivid imagery in this truly original collection of meticulously crafted poems.

Cover Design & Poems Copyright © 2014 by Matthew Galbraith.